Things you learn freshman year of college

Just finished my first year at USC and here are some unexpected lessons I'd like to share with next year's freshies
  1. At 10 pm the night is still young
  2. Your circadian rhythm will adjust as you become more and more nocturnal throughout the year
  3. Midnight food is always a good idea
  4. Lectures are not always necessary—prioritize your time
  5. You will forget or fail something—and that's okay
  6. Your money is allocated 2 essential things: uber and food
  7. Saturday and Sunday= recovery days (not from the week though—from Friday and Saturday night)
  8. You can get closer to your friends in college than people you went to school with since kindergarten
  9. 2 people can fit in an extra long twin bed
  10. Not all frat boys are fuck boys (but most of them are)
  11. Guys and girls can be friends without people assuming you are dating
  12. Scheming new ways to steal from the dining hall is a daily ritual
  13. Sleep is a gift coffee is a friend
  14. It all goes by way too fast