1. "My life is a joke"
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  3. This emoji is great for getting out of plans. Just say, "I'm not going to be able to make it bc I'm too busy figuring WTF this emoji is."
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  4. "Let's take down the patriarchy"
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  5. "Squad goals" (great for when you don't want there to be any documentation of you using the term "squad goals" bc you have self-respect, but also want to use the term "squad goals")
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  6. "On my way!!!!" Aka still horizontal in bed
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  7. APPARANTLY you can text Dominos this and order a pizza now???!! MIND BLOWN
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  8. "PREEAAAAACH" (see below for more subtle version)
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  9. Low-key agreeing with a someone's point in a group text
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  10. Pre tending to be shocked when your friend tells you she drunkenly texted her ex last night
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