1. "My life is a joke"
  3. This emoji is great for getting out of plans. Just say, "I'm not going to be able to make it bc I'm too busy figuring WTF this emoji is."
  4. "Let's take down the patriarchy"
  5. "Squad goals" (great for when you don't want there to be any documentation of you using the term "squad goals" bc you have self-respect, but also want to use the term "squad goals")
  6. "On my way!!!!" Aka still horizontal in bed
  7. APPARANTLY you can text Dominos this and order a pizza now???!! MIND BLOWN
  8. "PREEAAAAACH" (see below for more subtle version)
  9. Low-key agreeing with a someone's point in a group text
  10. Pre tending to be shocked when your friend tells you she drunkenly texted her ex last night