I'm definitely forgetting A BUNCH o' vids but ENJOY
  1. You forgot the blueberries
    Make me ROFLLLL everytime
  2. The Office All Bloopers
    A 2-hour compilation of all seasons of The Office bloopers, aka GREAT for when you want to procrastinate #JimandPam4ever
  3. Jake and Amir Nutrition Quiz
    Highlight of the video- Amir on how much he eats fast food "all day, everyday, every hour, got a chicken nugget in my pocket."
  4. Girls and the Guru
    This was my 8th grade science project. This video reminds me of how much of a LOSER I was.
  5. The Dratchelor
    This series on Funny Or Die features THE Ratchel Dratch recapping episodes of the Batchelor #GENIUS
  6. Acoustic covers by Tori Kelly
    GUYS how good is Tori Kelly though?!?!!
  7. Any emotional American Idol/X Factor/America's Got Talent/Dancing with the Stars performance
    Did anyone see Bindi just CRUSH IT this season on DWTS???
  8. Andy Samberg's Golden Globe 2014 acceptance speech
    "I guess I'll just thank everyone"