I'm on 495-S in Massachusetts but can be applied to any major highway
  1. Eat all the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that you made to bring to your family
  2. Read Elizabeth Warren's Twitter
    She slays in life, and on Twitter
  3. Read license plates
    New Jersey? Long way from home
  4. Put on some chapstick
  5. Drink all your iced coffee
  6. Repeat the word Catsachusetts in your head about 20 times
    Not not funny @mikebirbiglia
  7. Read a People magazine article about how Joanne the scammer became famous
    From porn to Instagram star-a classic Cinderella story
  8. Think about how thankful you are that you're going to see your family
    Don't do this step for too long- the side effects include becoming a good, compassionate human NONE OF THAT