Don't mean to BRAG BUT
  1. I found out I like falafel
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    Went to a falafel joint right by the Bedford stop on the L at 4am Jan 1 and it ROCKED MY WORLD
  2. I read an awesome article about Leslie Jones in @newyorker written by Andrew Marantz.
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  3. I got to see all the people in my life that make me laugh the most today
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    Home friends!! high school friends!!! work friends!!!! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!!
  4. I listened to all of "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" by @mindy on audiobook
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    Mindy's book may have single handedly cured my New Year's hangover/ reminded me how brilliant, fiercely funny, and BADASS she is. PS- this is not my first time reading this book NEED ERRY1 to know
  5. I HOUSED a sleeve of Ritz crackers
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    No details necessary
  6. I wore a turtleneck
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    2016 atheistic- Steve Jobs