Coach H. was your typical aging football coach/history teacher.
  1. Aside from our Special Friday routine, I mostly remember tons of worksheets.
  2. It's important to keep in mind that Coach H. was a veteran of the Vietnam War. He reminded us of this pretty regularly.
    In hindsight, I realize that Coach H had probably seen some things in his time and PTSD was a battle I'm sure he was continuing to wage daily. Combine that with teenagers on a daily basis...
  3. Anyhow, Fun Friday went down like this. "You know the drill...I need six new volunteers." Hands always shot up.
  4. The six volunteers would represent the two secret service agents, the Governor and his wife, and finally President and Mrs. Kennedy.
    The six volunteers would carefully arrange six chairs at the front of the class to represent the seats of the presidential limousine.
  5. You see, Coach H. could have had a touch of OCD which just happened to manifest itself in determining where the shooter was actually staged. We were his pawns in bringing closure to the age old question.
  6. So, every Friday, dubbed 'Fun Friday' by Coach H., we would all reenact that fateful day.
    Every Friday. Every. Single. Friday.
  7. We were all so engaged and class went to the bell every time. Students began introducing new theories and we always had such a rich (for 9th graders) debate...thoughts on violence, mortality, and politics.
  8. For various reasons, I have blocked out much of my childhood, especially home life. When I am questioned by friends or my siblings and I are trying to date something...the best way for me to do any recall is by remembering my teachers. It's always been a starting point.
  9. I had some amazing teachers.