Food Network stars I love to watch

Not as fun as hate watching, but way less tense.
  1. Sunny Anderson
    Her hair is fire and she laughs a lot. I'm not sure what she cooks though... does she still have a show? She should.
  2. Alton Brown
    One day he looked at food shows and said "this shit sucks, I'm going to make it better". Packed his life up, went to culinary school and made the world a better place with Good Eats. He's also 100% crazy and I love it.
  3. Guy Fieri
    I have a weird relationship with this slimeball, but he's smart. He got the network to pay for his family vacation through Europe and that's just admirable.
  4. Trisha Yearwood
    She gives her guests drinks, and makes food we would actually eat. I want to be her friend for the butter and mimosas alone. (And she only mentions Garth Brooks every few episodes, so you know she's humble).
  5. Sandra Lee
    I watched her scoop the pie filling from a store bought pumpkin pie into smaller store bought tart crusts and called it semi-homemade. And she wasn't wrong! Her ingenuity and frat boy pouring skills are an inspiration to us all.