The best food network stars to hate watch

No competition shows here, I can't judge them. I wouldn't know what to do with that mystery basket either.
  1. Anne Burrell
    Look at this smug face. She's better than you at cooking, being loud, putting more hair gel in her head than olive oil in her food. I hate that she taught me how to open garlic quickly, it's my dirty secret .
  2. Ina Garten
    "If you don't have fresh hens to slaughter from your own coop, store bought is fine". Ina, why are you so pretentious? Of course store bought ingredients are fine. JFC.
  3. Ree Drummond
    Honestly almost feel bad for her? This woman was a photographer in NYC and married a cowboy. Now she's stuck on a ranch in the middle of nowhere homeschooling and cooking for four children. She also doesn't like half of her children. Oddly enough, unless you're a middle child, you're worthless.
  4. Bobby Flay
    Did you know Bobby Flay likes southwest flavours? I'm pretty sure he keeps a chipotle pepper in his pocket just in case his inner New York tries to come out.
  5. Giada De Laurentiis
    I tried to find a picture where she had some life in her eyes, but that kind of energy is put aside and saved for her secret lover Bobby Flay. And maybe her daughter Jade, but we aren't 100% on that yet.
  6. Bobby and Giada
    A completely different show when you put the two together. It's like watching your snooty aunt flirt with the odd neighbor who always has you over for BBQ. Uncomfortable yes, but I've never looked away.