Stories from a half black half white woman
  1. Being told because I'm half black, I don't understand true black people problems
    As if the slightly lighter version of the colour brown truly changes deeply rooted institutionalized racism.
  2. Being told it's weird that I don't fit into stereotypes for black or white people
    Sorry? I'll try harder to fit your image of an angry black woman? Or is it that I'm not talking about my summers abroad with our Butler and white picket fence? Both are absurd and unrealistic.
  3. Being told to stop "acting white"
    This one is a kicker because I only get told this when I'm speaking in a formal setting. So can people of colour not be formally educated and present themselves well?
  4. Being asked who I identify with more
    It's not a competition? I click on the two or more mixed races when filling out an application because that's all there is to it. Being asked to pick which side of my history and culture is more important is absurd.
  5. Being mixed race is confusing enough as it is trying to find a space in the current world and events, please stop making it harder for us by forcing us to pick and choose who we are.