I am certainly not immune to actually losing things but it is really hard for me to admit that I'll never see these particular items again because I know *exactly* where I left them!
  1. New Jersey, Winter 2009/2010: Black V-Neck Sweater
    Great sweater. So versatile. I wish we'd had more time together. I wore it over a dress to a house party my senior year of high school and mistakenly left it behind while quickly escorting a vomiting friend from the premises. I bring this up with annoying regularity. Miss you, sweater.
  2. Glasgow, Late fall 2012: Red Smart Touch Glove
    Great gloves. Still have the mate. Lost this glove somewhere in the stairwell of my friend's student housing at the University of Glasgow. I feel less guilty about this because I'm pretty sure I went back to look for it and couldn't find it which is a slightly different situation. Still, RIP red glove.
  3. NYC, Fall 2014: Purple Nalgene
    Great water bottle. I left this beauty at a yoga class in Harlem. I think about it often. I have since been back to the studio in question and I did not see the water bottle there. My hope is that it has found a new and loving home. I've moved on but I still love you, purple Nalgene.
  4. NYC, NYE 2015: Black sweater (I know, AGAIN!!)
    Again, great sweater. This one really upsets me as this is still a relatively fresh wound and I don't love what it implies about the cyclical nature of my life. I left this at an apartment in SoHo. I Facebook messaged the host of the party and never heard back - I honestly don't fault her for that - leaving black sweaters all over the tri-state is my cross to bear. See you someday, sweater???
  5. HOPE
    Yes, this is cheesy. BUT the fact that I am even willing to entertain the idea that I may see any of these items again teaches me that all hope is not lost -AND NEITHER ARE MY SWEATERS.