Hey! It's the most wonderful, materialistic time of the year!! And I am thinking about THINGS!
  1. Travel coffee cup that does not have a funny taste
    Is this a thing that exists? I really hope so!
  2. Leather jacket
    This would seriously help to enhance my cool factor, right???
  3. Sharper knives
    One of my roommates brought the knives into our living situation, and for that I am very grateful. However, in the long run I'd like to make this investment.
  4. New or working watch
    The battery died in my cheapo watch like 3 months ago and I don't really feel like getting it replaced. But I do kind of wish I had a working watch.
  5. Cable television
    Who doesn't love tv?
  6. Steamer
    I'd be a little less wrinkly.
  7. This is honestly just the tip of the iceberg
    There's always something, isn't there?