Fortunately, I never got "into" cigarettes but I could easily become a slave to any of these earthly pleasures (i.e. I have consumed each of these things to the point of feeling quite ill).
  1. Roots Mango Sriracha Hummus
    This hummus is low-key ruining my life. I used consume (in human-portioned quantities) a variety of reasonably priced store-bought hummus brands. I am now a gluttonous, broke hummus obsessed princess who travels to a special grocery just to buy this. I would eat this and only this all day if could. (The hot chipotle flavor is also 💯💯.)
  2. Trader Joe's Chocolate Coconut Almonds
    These are also RIDICULOUS. How anyone could make this tub last longer than 48 hrs is beyond me. These are light at the end of the tunnel that is waiting in line at any of the NYC TJs.
  3. La Croix
    Alright, everyone knows the deal with this by now. It's fresh, it's clean, is heavenly. I travel to a different grocery store to get my fix (i.e. NOT the place I buy the Roots or TJ, so yes, I am now up to 3 grocery store to fulfill my needs). Pamplemousse is my favorite, but really they're all great.
  4. Brookfield Dark Chocolate Acai
    Ok but seriously what's going on with these? Does anyone know where they came from? About 18 months ago, I was offered them as a free sample at the Duane Reade by my old office AND IT WAS ALL OVER FROM THERE. My coworkers and I lovingly referred to these as "retirement homes" because honestly that seems what the logo is advertising, right? I routinely made myself feel sick from eating a whole package in one day.
  5. Kame Wasabi Rice Crackers
    I've had it BAD for these for awhile now. They are truly special and pair excellently with the Roots hummus. Also the serving size is something like 16 crackers which is at least getting CLOSE to realistic. One time in college my mom sent me a literal case of these - maybe she's an enabler?
  6. It felt good to get that off my chest. Thanks.