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Tasty Bagels around the world
  1. Cheese and Jalapeño- toasted with bacon
    Queanbeyan, NSW
  2. Everything- toasted with liverwurst
    Gardiner, NY
  3. Everything - toasted with butter
    Grand Central Terminal, NYC, NY.
...someone's giving away candy !
  1. Orange Mini Daim
    Limited Edition
  2. Old Gold chocolate
Beers, mostly craft beers, made and downed in Oz!
  1. Black Hops Beach House
    A saison brewed in Miami, GC, QLD.
  2. Little Creatures
    Pale Ale
  3. Black Hops ABC Bomb Black IPA
    An IPA using a combination of American C Hops - Cascade, Chinook and Citra - draft at the brewery.
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US brewed, small breweries, artisanal brewers.
  1. Green Flash Imperial IPA
    California -
  2. Great Divide Barrel Aged Hibernation Ale
    Draft at the Half King.
Recent sightings in the New York areA.
  1. Patricia Clarkson
    Not looking happy stuck in a huge immigration line at JFK
  2. Danny Glover at the Avis in La Guardia
  3. Rosemarie deWitt
    Looking lovely at Poughkeepsie railroad station if all places
They are corny and orange!
  1. Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeño
  2. Chesters Fries
  3. Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips
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A group of the meanest and most incompetent political support staff any politician could have the misfortune to work with, not that they are any better.
  1. Malcolm Tucker
  2. Oliver Reeder from The Thick of it
  3. Glenn Cullen from the Thick of it
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  1. Swordfishtrombones
  2. Shore Leave
  3. God's away on business
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  1. Mushrooms on a stick in my backyard
  2. A Mexican restaurant in Islington
  3. Orange soda from Mexico
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Movie and TV bosses who behave less than optimally
  1. Bill Lumbergh
  2. Julia - Horrible Bosses
  3. Elaine
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