Australian Beers

Beers, mostly craft beers, made and downed in Oz!
  1. Black Hops Beach House
    A saison brewed in Miami, GC, QLD.
  2. Little Creatures
    Pale Ale
  3. Black Hops ABC Bomb Black IPA
    An IPA using a combination of American C Hops - Cascade, Chinook and Citra - draft at the brewery.
  4. Black Hops Flash Bang White IPA
    American Wheat IPA - draft at the brewery
  5. Great Northern Brewing Co
    Lager - draft at North Burleigh SLSC bar.
  6. Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
    Brewed in Byron Bay, drank this at Miami Marketta.
  7. Burleigh Brewing Company FigJam
    7% IPA - draft at BBC brewery
  8. Burleigh Brewing Company Duke Helles
    German Lager - draft at BBC brewery
  9. Burleigh Brewing Company 28 Pale
    Pale Ale - draft at BBC
  10. Stone & Wood Lager
  11. Black Hops Bitter Fun Pale Ale
    All Australian Hops- draft at brewery
  12. James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale
    Draft at Nobby's SLSC
  13. Hahn Super Dry
    Lager - draft at Nobby's SLSC
  14. Matilda Bay Fat Yak Pale Ale
    Rainbow Beach Hotel - draft
  15. Matilda Bay Lazy Yak Australian Pale Ale.
    Rainbow Beach SLSC on draft
  16. Matilda Bay Wild Yak Pacific Ale
    Rainbow Beach SLSC on draft
  17. Cricketers Spearhead Pale Ale
    Pale Ale on tap at Miami SLSC.
  18. James Squire The Swindler Pale Ale
    On tap at Nobby's Beach SLSC
  19. Black Hops Christmas Tripel
    9.5% - includes saffron and cardamom in the bill.
  20. Black Hops Eggnog Stout
  21. Black Hops Hornet IPA.
  22. Young Henry's Newtowner
    Australian Pale Ale
  23. Moo Brew
    Single malt , single hop
  24. Stone & Wood tasting paddle
    @ S&W Brewery, Byron Bay, NSW.
  25. Little Creatures
    Original Pilsner
  26. Balter XPA
    Draft at Brunswick Heads Hotel
  27. Byron Bay Bewery The Hazy One Cloudy Lager
  28. James Squire The Hop Thief
    Currumbin SLSC
  29. Kosciusko Pale
    Hotel Gosford
  30. Resch Hotel Draught Pilsener
    Hotel Gosford
  31. VB - Victoria Bitter
    Draft at Queanbeyan Leagues Club
  32. James Squire Nine Tales Amber Ale.
  33. Murrays Brewery, Port Stephens Angry Man Pale Ale
    Draft at Royal Oak Hotel , Cessnock.
  34. Balter Pilsener
    Draft at Bine Bar, Miami.
  35. Pickled Pig Mid Coast Lager
    Draft at the Bine Bar, Miami, QLD.
  36. Balter IPA
    @ Balter Brewery, Currumbin.
  37. Balter AltBrown
    @ Balter Brewery, Currumbin
  38. Bent Spoke Crankshaft Cranking IPA
    Brewed in Canberra
  39. Pact Beer Co 100 Acres IPA
    Brewed in Canberra
  40. Bent Spoke Barley Griffin Canberra Pale Ale
    Brewed in Canberra
  41. Black Hops Pale Ale
    First batch of cans from BH
  42. Pact Mt Tennent Pale Ale
    Brewed in Canberra