Probably gonna be some food pics..... Also some of @ErinEdwards and our awesome dog Gator
  1. Numba' ONE
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    An amouse Bouche I had to throw together last minute.
  2. Number two
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    My dog, Gator, LIVES for cheese. When he sees you have some, he starts grinding his teeth he is so excited. It's kinda scary, but mostly adorable.
  3. Number three
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    My beautiful wife and I about to get oyster WASTED at one of our favorite restaurants. The Sea Chest in Cambria, CA is gold. Old school fresh seafood done perfectly. Devil on horseback and oysters Rockefeller. Aka heaven.
  4. Number fo'
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    My bro for life @capitandmart running a DnD game. Why does he have a mic? Because the game was played I front of an audience. Yes. I have played DnD in public, for the entertainment of others. Not for money, just for the love of nerding it up HARDCORE!!!!
  5. I plead the FIFTH!!!!
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    This is our house during the holidays. I am Jewish and my wife is Catholic. So the elf on a shelf is chilling with the Mensch on a Bench. Also, he looks to be as excited to have his hot young lady as I am to have my hot wife. The elf also seems to be willfully ignoring the mensch in much the same way @ErinEdwards does with me. But in her defense, I am a handful.