None of these are lies. And though I have been given to exaggeration in the past, I am not now.
  1. I have eight years of interpretive dance training. These years may have been grades 1-8 but I did it multiple times a week and had to perform in front of strangers several times a year, every year. God help me.
  2. I portrayed Don Quixote in a full Musical rendition of Man of La Mancha..... In the 7th grade. I went to a very weird elementary school.
  3. Two of my friends and I went to Germany as part of a euro trip after high school graduation. It was there that I learned the dangers of day drinking when out of no where I found my self and my friends sunbathing naked in the English garden in Munich. All in all, good day though.
  4. I have magnificent calves.
  5. I live right next to golden gate park in San Francisco.
  6. I worked on a food truck and fell in love with it. Still want to start one of my own.
  7. I have a Pomeranian and that little son of a gun is my homie. We explore golden gate park together, we nap together, play chase the laser pointer together. In short, my wife and I have an amazing dog.
  8. I am a nut for board games.
  9. I own a book that teaches you how to play Magic the gathering better. That's how bad I wanted to stop losing to my friends.