Chefs are an interesting bunch. Some are quick to anger, others as calm as a deep ocean. Some funny, others all business. But there are some things that all of them find annoying. Here are a few.
  1. Ask for no salt- This is like asking for no flavor. Our job is to bring the flavor. Why don't you want us to do our job? We get it, you have high blood pressure. So maybe order full flavor fish or chicken instead of half flavor steak.
  2. Gluten Free- I will bend over backwards for you or your child if they have celiac disease, but if you ask for the gluten free options while drinking a beer, you are dead to me.
  3. Asking for no butter- why? Where is the fun in that? You go to restaurants to have a good dining experience where the food will be delicious and you don't have to worry about the fat content (well, that's how I do restaurants). If you ask for no butter for reasons other than lactose issues, then you obviously hate your self.
  4. Asking for a Calorie count- See above. Why do you hate your self? You are at a restaurant. If you are worried about calories, make a sensible choice like the grilled fish of a salad, but don't make it awkward for the rest of us.
  5. Insane modifications- if you want some extra sauce or some horse radish with your steak, totally cool. Or maybe you don't want peppers with it. Asking for the fish with the sides from the steak is a little weird. The chef has designed the plate to work as a whole. Not as interchangeable parts. He is serving it the way he intends it to be served.