I live in San Francisco..... There are a lot of choices.
  1. The Taco Guys taco truck- I used to work for these dudes, but I am still going back. Moroccan veal tongue and Maui fish.... They haunt my dreams.
  2. Yellow Submarine Sandwich shop- Boston style subs with attitude. They have one kind of bread, they don't do gluten free, and their house made hot sauce is amazing. Plus some nights it's two old ladies working who switch between bickering with each other and treating you like you are their grand child.
  3. Ichi Sushi- amazing. Just amazing. I have eaten sushi at 8 A.M. Outside of the tsukiji fish market and this is the only place where the fish has even come close to the same level of taste. Plus the chef's choice tasting menu will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!
  4. Kevin's Noodle house- pho perfection. The broth is so flavorful, you will be dumbfounded. I have taken at least 10 people here and they all talk about how they have their favorite pho place that does it just the way they like. Poor fools didn't even see it coming. BAM!!! Kevin's just flipped your world upside down. And you loved it.
  5. B Star Bar- sister to the ever popular Burma Super Star, but takes reservations. The fermented tea leaf salad is amazing. But every one talks about that. My wife and I go crazy for their Thai curry salmon pot pie. The best example of fusion cuisine I have ever seen. It is novel and delicious.
  6. Chapeau!- a wonderful, very old school French bistro. All French classics, all the time. I have never had the same thing twice, and have always loved what I had. They tend to book out though, so be ready to make a reservation.
  7. Gordo's taqueria- recommended to me by my Rabbi, so you know it's good. A classic SF super burrito, packed with perfectly cooked everything. Don't tell my Rabbi, but the carnitas is my favorite.
  8. Shanghai Dumpling King- Dim Sum for days. No frills.... Dare I say negative frills. But damn the dumpling are good. Be prepared for cash only.