I love Paris. The food, the history, the architecture. All of it. But I always have some weird experiences.
  1. Some one commenting on my facial hair, assuming I didn't speak English.
    I appreciate that I seem cool enough to be French, but you insulted my Van Dyke. Fuck you.
  2. No cars on the road.
    Only taxis and buses. It was scary. The government instituted a program that no one drive for one day a month. Only taxis and buses were allowed to be out, according to our cab driver. Every one was on foot or on public trans. There were streets in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with NO ONE on them. No cars or foot traffic. It was terrifying.
  3. Ate two amazing meals.
    One at a new place to me, Les fous de L'Ile, where I had a torchon of foie gras with tomato jam and a young roasted chicken with a baked potato. For dinner we went to d'Chez Eux with a good family friend and his long time girlfriend. There I had a torchon of foie gras with figs and the houses recommended chef specialty..... A whole roasted chicken for two with morels and sauce. Yes. The same thing twice. NO REGRETS!!!!!!
  4. Found out Versailles is closed on Mondays.
    Every Monday. Every week. Who saw that shit coming? Not me.
  5. Had a perfect Paris moment.
    I shit you not. This shit fucking happened. My wife and I were walking down the street on the Ile Saint Louis and turn the corner to walk to Notre Dame. As we cross the bridge to walk along the church, what happens? Some street musician breaks out an accordion to make a couple coins. And plays French songs. While we walk up to Notre dame. On our first night in town. I can't make this shit up.