I am a bit of an odd nut, and I truly believe the films I watched and loved as a kid had a great deal to do with this. I saw many of these films because my Mom would do laundry on the weekends and I watched movies with her. So I saw some pretty epic films as a kid. And most of them were cinematic classics. Thanks, Mom.
  1. The Time Machine (1960) chilling music and effects.... To a 7 year old. I watched this movie a million times, and loved it each time. I classic and I recommend it for any kid.
  2. Laurence of Arabia (1962) Okay, I admit a lot of the political and "adult" stuff went over my head, but the grand images and exotic locations were very enthralling.
  3. Ben-Hur (1952) What can in Say. A classic of epic proportions. Such a great and exciting film. Watched this countless times.
  4. West world (1973) this is my favorite from a genre I love dearly. The '70s dystopian future film. Such greats as "planet of the apes" "Logan's Run" and "Rollerball". All greats. I loved the idea of going to a place where I could live in the old west.... And then fight evil robots. It was pretty much my dream when I was 11.
  5. Star Wars (1977) I was held from participating in a Star Wars trivia contest while at camp when I was 12..... Because I established myself as such an extreme Star Wars nerd that I was asked to write the trivia questions. Proudest moment of my young life.