These are all the things in my life that have done right by me and I wish to give them a shout out.
  1. My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I got her for $70 from a dude I can only think was trying to flee the country. Offered to sell me a $2,000 dollar Bianci road bike for $350. If only I had more cash.
  2. My Costco Zojiroshi rice cooker. Makes perfect rice every time.
  3. My iPad. Seriously, I am never bored. Any one ever fall into a Wikipedia black hole starting with info about a TV show from the 90's and end up on a page about biochemistry. I have.
  4. My Nintendo 2ds. It's how I play Pokemon. As far as I am concerned, it is a homie of the highest order.
  5. My Home brewing equipment. Some of the stuff I have I have been using for years. It has held up and resisted the passage of time..... And they have also remained free from permanent bacterial contamination. Good for them.