Living it up this weekend. Cooking, fermentations, experiments, OG Pokemon, and doing things

Sometimes, a weekend comes together with no planning. Those weekends are precious and excellent. This weekend really came together. Here are some highlights.
  1. I roasted up a sexy chicken.
    I made confit garlic on Friday and used the roasted garlic oil to brush the chicken before I roasted it. Then I stuffed it with pure, uncut Christopher Ranch garlic cloves and then cooked it in beer with more garlic and carrots. 275 for 1:30 and 450 for 40 minutes. Love it.
  2. Made some home ferments
    My baby and I love some pickles. She doesn't like cucumber pickles at all, but any other kind of pickle, she is game. So I made some spicy green beans with garlic and a Fresno chili, and some garlic with sweet peppers. The red jar is going to be hot sauce. I started all of them with whey from yogurt I made.
  3. Yogurt, dawg
    Got myself this handy dandy Dash Greek yogurt maker. I bought it for $12 off craigslist, still in its packaging. Brand new. I love a good deal. I bought a Bulgarian yogurt strain from Cultures for Health and gave it a whirl. Ended up with a lot of excess whey to use, and some fantastic, creamy yogurt. Totally worth it.
  4. Lt. SURGE!!!!!
    Ash brought the heat, but Lt. Surge took him DOWN!!! It got super real.
  5. Bought a hat
    Went to the Treasure Island Flea Market this weekend. Awesome as always. Bought this sweet hat. Worth it. Go A's, baby.
    Did laundry, and gator helped. He is super on top of it.
  7. More pickles, homie
    Had some extra mushrooms, so I cooked them up and pickled them. Gonna be so tasty in a couple days.
  8. Topped it off with some choice TV
    Full house, Futurama, and, God help me, Sharknado: the 4th Awakens. I missed most of Sharknado because I was cooking. Not sure I am made about that.