I don't own one, so maybe this list is tinged with a little jealousy. I will own that up front.
  1. Every time you use the voice command, you look like you are contacting the USS Enterprise.... But you are not wearing the uniform, and some how you look silly because you are not wearing one.
  2. When ever I see some one trying to read a text, they have to squint and bring it really close to their face, making it seem like they need reading glasses. And if they do need reading glasses, most seem to have adopted the attitude "it's just my watch, I don't need my glasses for that."
  3. If you answer a text with one, you are using the speak to text feature, which basically looks like you are having one of those conversations in the first grade when you are mad at your best friend and require the services of an intermediary. Something like "Apple watch, will you tell Joe that I don't want to see that movie. And he is a butt head."
  4. It's not like it is more stealthy. If you are in a meeting, you can be on your phone "taking notes" or "writing an email." With the watch, the whole charade falls apart.
  5. I am sure their are more reasons, but the last one I will write is this. I don't have one. There. Are you happy? I am owning it.