Some times when I have a day off I go crazy and decide to be productive instead of resting like a sane person.
  1. Went to Costco. Twice.
    I forgot my printers ink cartridges and they needed to be refilled so GUESS WHAT!!!! I had to go back.
  2. Made chicken salad.
    My wife and I like sandwiches. And we both love chicken salad. It's one of the many things that makes @ErinEdwards my whole world.
  3. Made tapenade.
    I realized I had a bunch of jars or olives and peppers and such in my fridge, so I threw them all in my ninja pulse and voilà. Tapenade was made.
  4. I made a sandwich out of the chicken salad and tapenade.
    It was glorious.
  5. I added more lemon zest to my limoncello.
    Costco still had some beautiful Meyer lemons for sale, so I bought a box and peeled the zest off of them today.
  6. Made egg salad.
    @ErinEdwards does not like egg salad.... So it's all for me. 😏
  7. Got all the pine sap off of my car.
    I basically live under a pine tree. It is a never ending struggle.
  8. I took a nap with my dog.
    It is pretty warm in SF today, and my dog is FEELIN' it. He is super nappy and it was contagious.
  9. Laundry.
    Whenever I do laundry I take my dog with me to the laundry room. He likes to come and gets super excited when we leave the apartment with no leash on.
  10. Drank some home made limoncello
    It was from my first batch. Goes down smooth.