This is one of those one speed ninja blenders that doubles as a "food processor". As a food professional, I was skeptical. But I have been proven wrong. This thing is super useful at home.
  1. Pasta dough
    Yo have to have a very precise, measured to the gram recipe for making a fresh pasta dough, but a few spins and some minor kneading by hand and Bam, top notch fresh pasta dough is ready to be rolled into ravioli or pappardelle.
  2. Blended drinks
    Smoothies, shakes, Malta, and slushies. It does them all. Admirably.
  3. Topenade
    The two tiered blades made short work of food, briskly chopping everything into a fine spread.
  4. Chicken liver paté
    I make it about once a year from a recipe I have out of the playboy cookbook, and it is fantastic. Blend it till it is mouse smooth, and you have a page spread that will go down smooth as silk.
  5. Salad dressing
    Making dressing in a blender emulsifies the oil and vinegar very well. A blender is also a great way to make Caesar dressing.