There are certain things that restaurants can do, certain service practices or have a certain menu item, that will make me love them instantly.
  1. Large glasses of water- don't bring me a half full whiskey tumbler. I am not a child. I am a grown ass man.
  2. Serve a menu item that is garnished with moist towelettes- this indicates a certain level of messiness and lack of concern for decorum that I revel in.
  3. Have a go to menu item of high quality-some times I come across a restaurant that has a "best dish" on the menu. Places like B star bar or Burma super star in SF. These are two restaurants, owned by the same family, that serve the same fermented tea leaf salad. And I love it. And it is always good. That kind of consistency is very difficult. Bravo.
  4. Have a consistent floor presence-As a cook, it is bums me out when I am at a restaurant that obviously takes the food super seriously, but the floor staff is just phoning it in. Forgetting things, being slow with clearing plates, taking food before you are finished. This is how you get me to swear vengeance. I am a big dude. Don't mess with my food