Today was my Saturday. Since I have weekdays off, they tend to be a little different since every one I know is working.
  1. I made lemoncello- I have never done that before and I wanted to give it a whirl.
  2. I bottled a beer that I made for my Mom- she has never liked beer before, but she likes my home brew. It's weird to say, but I a making beer for my mom.
  3. I got to chat with Andre at the SF brewcraft- I love going to the shop because I always learn something new about brewing and usually hear a funny story or just over all have a pleasant visit with the guys working there.
  4. I made an EXCELLENT tuna salad sandwich- the secret ingredient was home make pickled red peppers and onions. The whole avocado helped.
  5. My dog and I went on an adventure- he and I usually go for good walks but today was an adventure into golden gate park.
  6. I made an excellent dinner for my wife. Thank you blue apron.
  7. I drank Arnold Palmers all day. I dare you to say you are having a bad time with an Arnold Palmer in your hand.
  8. I did laundry- yeah, I like doing laundry. You got something to say about that? If so leave it in the comment section.
  9. I completed the second round of my home made cider test. I am trying to make a good home made hard cider, and My first attempt was okay. It was too dry, and half of the bottles tasted a little vinegary. So now I have gone to square one and testing and comparing yeasts. I am a huge nerd so it is super fun for me.
  10. Talked to my folks today. They are way cooler than me and I want to be cool like them.