On October 10th, 2015 the homies asked me to shoot their first lookbook at Adrian's warehouse for ...
  1. Wellbeing.
    Formed by Adrian Santos, Nathan Hautea, & Kris Deguzman, WellBeing represents the dreams and passions that fuel the streetwear culture. For the shoot we brought out:
  2. Kathy Ngo
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    I met Kathy for the first time that day as she was also asked to shoot for the Lookbook. To be honest, I was jealous of her because she was a young, talented photographer already at the age of 18 with connections & a Diamond Supply Photoshoot under her belt. However, I stayed positive and tried to make the collaboration a fruitful experience and the shoot with her turned out great!
  3. Malik "Heyplayboo"
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    I met Malik for the first time, and he turned out a very humble, positive, and creative dude, who I look forward to working with him in the future.
  4. Ethan West
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    Lastly, Ethan who was very down to Earth and chill guy who can really rap on the side. He too is a very talented young, man like Kathy and Malik. It seems like the youth of today are becoming increasingly talented at such a young age.
  5. Overall...
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    The Lookbook aka my first photoshoot proved to be very rewarding by making new connections with talented individuals while improving my hand at photography.