Inspired by @tatertotfreak
  1. The ending of Lost.
    I'm still mad. I hung in for so long and they had nothing.
  2. The Hobby Lobby Decision
    You want the protections of being a corporations or the protections of being a person? Pick one. You shouldn't be allowed to have both.
  3. The fact that President John Tyler, born in 1790, has two GRANDSONS still living today. Isn't this insane???
  4. I recently found out a guy I know through work played the drunk teenager at the beginning of The Wedding Singer.
    It's really him! So weird!
  5. Oh, the ending of the book Captain Correlli's Mandolin.
    No spoilers but this is almost as bad as Lost.
  6. Bauman Rare Books in Las Vegas
    I discovered that rare books are my kryptonite. I wandered around this store trying to pretend I wasn't literally weeping over actual issues of Poor Richard's Almanac and first editions of Gone With the Wind, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Harold and the Purple Crayon. The woman who worked there eventually handed me a tissue and said "it happens all the time!"