1. First of all, of course this is awesome.
  2. Second of all, I love George Takei (bear with me).
  3. And I do agree with the sentiment behind this tweet.
  4. But it's sort of drudged up some uncomfortable questions that I always carry around with me and that bother me like a pebble in a shoe is bothering.
  5. What's with the assumption that female role models are for little girls?
  6. Little boys aren't taught to look up to women the same way they're taught to look up to men.
  7. If little girls learn about Katherine Johnson and Sally Ride and find their heroes, that's a huge win. If little boys learn about them and find their heroes, wouldn't that be a huge win too? A huge step towards real equality?
  8. I think this is a problem in science and in the arts and in life in general.
  9. So in short, I have pinpointed a huge pervasive cause of gender inequality and I'm convinced I can solve sexism by making sure everyone buys these Legos for their sons.
  10. This is not an ad, but I think Lego should pay me something nominal, at least.