I'm tired of waiting for this stuff to come up in conversation, so I'm just going to make my points here. (It's so slow at work this week I don't even know why I'm bothering to show up.)
  1. In the Simon & Garfunkel song The Boxer, there's this percussion sound (it sounds kind of like a whip cracking but I don't know what instrument makes it) right before he sings "lie lie lie..." I think that sound, in that song, is one of the greatest sounds in all of music.
  2. If you think people on welfare should be required to submit to drug tests, but you don't think people on Social Security should have to, then you think poverty alone constitutes probable cause that a person has committed a crime. Yes. You do.
  3. There's a brand of jeans called Good American that makes sizes 0 through 24 and does not divide them up into regular and plus size. They're just like "these cropped ones with the ripped knee? Cool, pick size zero to 24." This seems revolutionary to me! (Nordstrom has them but they are v. expensive.)
  4. The practice of rhyming "baby" with "maybe" in pop songs should have died with Buddy Holly.
  5. You know when people say "stop taking pictures of everything and just live your life?" Is documenting life via camera really that different than keeping a diary? If these people lived in 17th century London, would they be like "hey, Samuel Pepys, stop writing everything down and just live your life?"