Miscellaneous Faves

Probably an ongoing list.
  1. ASHLEY BOUDER. Did you know that Ashley Bouder, principal dancer at New York City Ballet, had a baby last spring and was back performing by September?
  2. Isn't she beautiful and graceful?
  3. Haha tricked you! She's actually a wall of muscle!
  4. Also beautiful and graceful (that's her on the right.)
  5. TED LIEU. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Ted Lieu is the funniest member of congress.
  6. He's also so helpful! I mean I can see Trump actually printing this out and bringing it along on his trip.
  7. Also you can feel at ease if you visit his office. No one will lie to you or body slam you. It's a promise.
  8. Grace Bonney from Design Sponge is #lifestylegoals #housegoals #happylifegoals #femaleempowermentgoals
  9. Design*Sponge: where you can learn to DIY your entire life, get ideas for your daydreams about the country cottage/Williamsburg apartment you'll have some day, and get inspired by successful female entrepreneurs.
  10. Grace's house looks like a dream...
  11. ... and her wife is a chef. Open to ideas on how I can get invited for the weekend.
  12. The Bad Advisor
    This is an "advice" column by Andrea Grimes on theestablishment.co. I'm upset she had this idea first, but I'm ready, willing, and able to fill in for her if she goes on vacation, or if she moves on to bigger and better things, which she probably will, because she's hilarious.
  13. She plucks real letters from real advice columns and answers them... with a unique spin. It turns out a lot of people who write to advice columnists are the worst human beings ever.
  14. To somebody contemplating cheating on his wife.
  15. To someone worried about the effects of having a gay neighbor on children.
  16. To someone bothered by his granddaughter's tattoo.
  17. To a white person who now realizes racism is wrong because he or she has a Latino relative.