1. Wanting everyone to have an equal chance to realize their potential.
  2. Seeing the beauty in things that the world tends to dismiss, mock, and scorn because they're girly.
    Like the unadulterated excitement of fangirls fangirling and feminine speech patterns. (Don't try to police the way girls talk, or I will police YOU.)
  3. Believing that you shouldn't have to be an extraordinary person to have a decent quality of life.
    Also, some people DO have an extraordinary amount of determination and STILL can't keep their heads above water because life is HARD.
  4. Knowing that economically empowering women of color is the way forward,* and believing that based on an "all boats rise with the tide" theory, our entire society will benefit.
    *Open to suggestions on the best way to help this happen, BTW.
  5. Hence, making a donation to Planned Parenthood or the NAACP every time I'm pissed off.
  6. Believing that women are all much more than our bodies but that our bodies are OURS.
  7. Weirdly loving the "Dads who play with Barbies" commercial.
  8. Seeing a depressing lack of female representation everywhere, from stupid Cracked articles about "Five movies that blah blah blah..." to Congress to the company where I work. Starting to worry I'm worrying too much.
  9. Having a t-shirt that says "Feminist Killjoy." (See my profile picture.)
  10. Giving people the benefit of the doubt when they say "I'm a feminist" or "I was raped" or "I was treated like shit" or "I was ignored."
  11. Believing there's no such thing as a slut.
  12. Having absolutely no stomach for statements like "girls are so catty," and "most girls try to tear each other down."
    The vast majority of women I know are not like that!
  13. Having absolutely no stomach for complaints about women spending too much on shoes from men who don't hesitate to spend $6,000 on a TV the size of a ping pong table.
    We all have our frivolous pleasures. "Male" ones aren't any less frivolous than "female" ones. And if you're a women who loves big TVs or a man who loves shoes, I'm not judging you either.
  14. Loving all the wonderful people who make up this weird little community where I feel at home.