My Walls

  1. When I saw Cyrano on Broadway, they were selling posters signed by the cast for Broadway Cares.
  2. Want to see a closeup of Kevin Kline's signature?
    Laziest signature ever. 😁
  3. I got this on Etsy. Anglophile, me.
  4. Paris Photographs by Nichole Robertson.
    I can never get them to hang straight.
  5. Charcoal drawing by me.
  6. My niece and nephew, when they were considerably littler than they are now.
  7. Oil painting my friend did of the beach at the end of my street.
  8. Real vintage Coke ad. This was a gift from my dad and stepmom.
  9. Watercolor by me. I have no illusions about this painting's quality, but it's the first watercolor I ever did so it's kind of important to me.
  10. Another of my drawings.
  11. Print of a Harper's Bazaar cover from the 30s.
  12. The photograph is of this amazing metal tree sculpture in Washington, DC.
  13. The photograph was taken near my friend's beach house in Gloucester, MA.