Oscar Red Carpet 😁s, 😒s, and 😐s.

It's only been 36 hours and I already feel like I missed the boat. Oh well, here goes nothing.
  1. 😁
    Love this! Love the full skirt. She looks gorgeous.
  2. 😒
    Nicole Kidman has been wearing the same dress to every awards show for 20 years.
  3. 😁
    Feels a bit like a throwback to either the 50s or the 80s but it's just. so. pretty.
  4. 😐
    I love her hair like this but the dress is kind of overly complicated. And I'm not into this sheer trend.
  5. 😒
    Overly complicated and more of that sheer layering stuff.
  6. 😁
    Kind of a 30s vibe. Looks comfortable too.
  7. 😐
    Mixed feelings. I kind of love the Victorian look and the covered-up-ness... maybe it's the color that doesn't work for me?
  8. 😁
    Another super covered-up look but I really like this one. Like something Joan Crawford would have worn to the Oscars. (Not a fan of Dakota's hairstyle though.)
  9. 😁
    This is like Deco-Cleopatra-Disney Princess-Disney-Villain. I can't look away.
  10. 😐
    She looks beautiful but it's not that memorable a dress.
  11. 😁
    The only word I can think of is impeccable. And she's mixing different metallics - a girl after my own heart.
  12. 😁
    I think this is gorgeous. I'm not sure if its destiny is to be underwear or a wedding dress or a nightgown or an Oscar dress, but it's gorgeous.
  13. 😒
    Or more accurately: 😴 I like the metallic but this silhouette is so blah and I swear we've sheen Charlize in it 30 times already.