I just discovered that Levar Burton hashtags half his tweets #bydhttmwfi, and it made me weirdly happy. I was a total Reading Rainbow kid for the first couple of seasons. I don't remember ALL the early episodes, but some I remember so well I can still hear the reader's voice in my head.
  1. Static
    First one I thought of. I can't deal with snakes except this one.
  2. Static
    Sometimes I stand like that.
  3. Static
    Sometimes I say "I read it in a book so I know it's true" and think of this book.
  4. Static
    I loved this book and my mom HATED it for some reason. (Fun fact: Donald Hall was Poet Laureate of the United States in 2006-07.)
  5. Static
    She was such a little feminist trailblazer.
  6. Static
    Dr. Ram the psychiatrist with his German accent: "vat seems to be ze trouble?"
  7. Static
    Still consider myself a Miss Nelson fan.