Inspired by @barefootmeds ... I love this topic - my subconscious is such a dark and disturbing place and I definitely need company in there.
  1. Teeth falling out!
    All. The. Time.
  2. Huge waves.
    I want to say tidal waves, but that's not really it. I'm usually on the beach and massive waves start rolling in. Sometimes there's a storm, sometimes not. Sometimes I'm in a house with a big window facing the ocean. These dreams are super scary.
  3. Back in high school
    I get there and realize either a) I don't know my schedule; b) I've done no reading all year; c) I haven't gone to math class all year; or d) I have five papers due immediately, probably on books I haven't read
  4. My parents are still married
    These are generally frustrated and angry dreams where no one will listen to me.
  5. Planes
    Could go one of two ways, or morph from one to the other. First way is I'm getting on an overnight flight and I'm so uncomfortable and claustrophobic that I start to panic. Second is that the only way to get out of the plane is to eject from high altitude. There's no emergency or anything; this is just the routine way to deplane. And I don't like it.
  6. Architecture
    Sometimes I dream that I live in or am visiting an amazing house that feels more like a castle or a factory or a treehouse or a library, and I wake up feeling disappointed that it wasn't real.