Summer [and Autumn, Winter, and Spring] Concert Series

  1. The Avett Brothers, July 2016
    Just... my favorite. This was my third time seeing them and I'd see them weekly if I could.
  2. Dawes, July 2016
    Put on a great, energetic show.
  3. The Killers, August (I think) 2016
    This was my second time seeing them. They have so many great songs you forget about until you're there.
  4. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, September 2016
    I love her. I love them. I loved seeing this show.
  5. Regina Spektor, October 2016
    I just adore her. Her beautiful voice and her amazing piano and her sweet personality.
  6. I saw Bon Iver in December but I guess I didn't take any pictures. So unlike me! It was a great show though, and I think I can still feel the bass vibrating my bones.
  7. Regina Spektor, March 2017
    Yes, I saw her twice in five months. I told you I adore her. Look how cool she is in her voluminous red dress. It was International Women's Day.
  8. The Decemberists, April 2017
    I've loved their musicfor a long time but I was surprised at how funny and entertaining they were. Wonderful show.
  9. Avett Brothers May 2017
    These guys again!