Surprising Movies (In A Good Way)

Extra special movies that I'll talk about any time, anywhere.
  1. Melancholia
    This movie is a gorgeous work of art.
  2. The Last King of Scotland
    Tense and gritty with wonderful, nuanced performances.
  3. Vera Drake
    I'm always a Mike Leigh fan, but this is a standout. Imelda Staunton is astonishingly good in it.
  4. Win Win
    I've since become a big Tom McCarthy fan. This movie is so quirky and heartwarming and smart. And as a lawyer I really, really felt it.
  5. The Company
    It's got that Robert Altman ensemble feeling and it's so beautiful to look at.
  6. Conversations with Other Women
    I don't know if ANYONE else saw this movie, but it's so good. Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart are magic together.