If you're not listening to The Babysitters Club Club podcast, I wish you would, because it's awesome and hilarious. However, my favorite babysitter takes a lot of abuse on the podcast and I want to stick up for her. So here goes. (By the way, Abby is not on this list because I stopped reading before she was introduced so she doesn't count.)
  1. Stacey McGill.
    Stacey is THE COOLEST babysitter. She's a New York sophisticate, she's independent, she wears lots of cool 80s neon (without being as sartorially unhinged as Claudia) and she's refreshingly left-brained. Her health problems have made her stronger, better, faster, etc.
  2. Claudia Kishi
    Claudia is sartorially unhinged but she's creative and she knows who she is. I identify with her inability to spell (spellcheck is the only reason I make any sense.) She's cool but sensitive and she's always willing to share her huge stash of candy.
  3. Jessi Ramsey
    Immediate points for being a ballet dancer. She's a bit more worldly than the other sitters and she's bilingual (she learns ASL just for a babysitting charge.) She's a loyal best friend, even though her best friend is kind of a dud.
  4. Dawn Schaffer.
    Dawn is super chill and easygoing and she's into ghost stories. She's got relatable relationships with her scatterbrained mom and her brother. She lives in a cool old colonial house, which makes me very jealous. She flies solo to California - so grown up.
  5. Kristy Thomas
    Kristy is very sporty, which doesn't really do much for me, and she can be kind of petty and vindictive. But she's tough and she has an entrepreneurial spirit. She's the goofiest babysitter, and I'm into that.
  6. Mary Anne Spier
    I see myself in Mary Anne but that doesn't mean I have to like her. I mean speak up for yourself, for gods sake. And she's so weepy and moony over Logan. Gag.
  7. Mallory Pike
    Mallory is like a less self-aware, less stylish Mary Anne. Dud.