What January Looks Like in my Phone

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    This is literally what January looks like in my phone:
    99% screen shots of things that have either enraged me, comforted me, or made me laugh in an "I laugh so I won't cry" kind of way.
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    Let's zoom in, shall we?
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    I'm an estate planning attorney. I scoff at the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust.
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    Oh yeah, this was on Facebook page of my friend whose wonderful husband, Rich, is Palestinian. Nice, huh?
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    And I tried my hand at being a political cartoonist.
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    There is a silver lining.
    I wrote a double dactyl (type of poem with very specific rules. They always contain one line of nonsense words - often "higgledy piggledy" - and one line that's just one six-syllable word) and tweeted it to Gene Weingarten. He said it was "nicely done!" Gene Weingarten writes for the Washington Post. He's one of my favorite non-fic writers and someone who's really influenced the way I think about a lot of issues. Also he's hilarious. So this was kind of a big deal for me. ☺️