The Office - Jim and Pam Essentials

Jim and Pam. JAM. The great love story of NBC's "The Office". Watch these 8 episodes to follow the main plot points involving their love story.
  1. Basketball
    Jim and Pam flirt, also introduces Roy to the story.
  2. Booze Cruise
    Jim almost tells Pam his feelings for her. Pam and Roy set a date for their 3 year long engagement. Jim tells Michael about his crush on Pam.
  3. The Dundies
    Jim and Pam's first kiss, a result from Pam's excessive drinking. Pam almost reveals her feelings to Jim.
  4. Casino Night
    Jim finally tells Pam how she feels. He kisses her. She rejects him, leading to him transferring from Scranton to Stamford and to Pam calling off her wedding.
  5. The Job
    Pam's emotional outburst at the campfire admitting she misses Jim makes Jim rethink the job interview in New York. He returns to Scranton and asks Pam out (leaving Karen in NY and thus breaking up with her).
  6. Weight Loss
    Jim surprised Pam by proposing to her at a truck stop half way between NY and Scranton.
  7. Company Picnic
    We find out Jim and Pam are expecting!
  8. Niagara
    Jim and Pam's wedding. Still easily my favorite all time episode of The Office.
  9. BONUS - Paper Airplane
    I guess I feel obliged to mention the writers felt it necessary to have Jim and Pam's relationship go through a bit of a "rough patch". This episode shows where they finally break down and realize their love for each other is more important than everything else.
  10. BONUS - The Finale
    Wraps up the whole storyline. Pam sells the Halpert's house (w/o telling Jim) so they can move to Austin and Jim can continue his work at Athleap.