This is an on-going list of impossible relationships... Suggestions welcome!!
  1. Tim Riggins from FNL
  2. Nick from New Girl
    We would be terrible for each other because we are too alike. But our lazy days would be Hall of Fame worthy.
  3. Jason Segal from ANYTHING HE HAS EVER BEEN IN
    I have always said I could imagine him being an awesome husband. I stand by it.
  4. Jim from The Office
    There is something inside me that knows he wouldnt be into it(me) and so I resent him. But it would be nice.
  5. Coach Taylor from FNL
  6. Matt Sareson from FNL
  7. Jax Teller from SOA
    I could never replace Tara though and he would hate me for it
  8. Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones Diary
    I don't really know why actually.
  9. Russel Crowe in Gladiator
  10. Ferris Bueller
    What fun we would have. I imagine him fitting in really well at my family parties.
  11. Randall from Dazed and Confused
    High school me loves him
  12. Peeta Mellark
    He would take care of me.
  13. Ray Burrone
  14. Evan from Superbad
  15. Jesse from Pitch perfect
    We would watch movies and snuggle and sing while doing things like making breakfast
  16. Dev from Master of None
  17. Michael Cera in Juno
    Apparently there is something about MC's nerd/quirkiness that I truly enjoy
  18. Paul Rudd in Clueless
    I ❤️ Paul Rudd