Famous politicians from my home state (LA) and an appropriate gif.

Who doesn't love the south...besides minorities...
  1. Huey Long
    His belief that "Every Man [is] A King" brought about surprising economic prosperity in Louisiana for a short period of time until his assassination.
  2. David Duke
    Card carrying member of the Klu Klux Klan.
  3. William Jefferson
    Jefferson hid $400,000 in bribes in his freezer.
  4. Kenny Harvard
    Proposed an amendment to a bill limiting the weight and age of strippers in order to "trim the fat"
  5. Bobby Jindal
    Ran a presidential campaign for 5 months despite his destroying of Louisiana's economy.
  6. Zachary Taylor
    A surprisingly good man for his time period... Still owned slaves and oppressed people
  7. Welcome to the great state of Louisiana!!!