This movie gets so much shit from everybody but it is amazing and we all should appreciate it.
  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    A fantastic actor in one of his earlier movies. Yes his acting skills weren't as refined but still.
  2. Danny Glover
    Giphy downsized medium
    He makes a great baseball manager and shows the true transformation story.
  3. Christopher Lloyd
    AL! He is a legendary angel with a great sense of humor.
  4. Tony Danza
    The veteran Mel Clark is a hero who, despite all odds, makes a great comeback. The true American story.
  5. Random supporting cast that made it big.
    Young Matthew McConaughey and young Adrian Brody together in one movie.
  6. A classic storyline
    The loveable losing Angels go from worst to first with help from real angels but eventually do it themselves. The power to win was inside themselves all along.
  7. A great villain
    Ranch Wilder. Very punchable face. Poor attitude. It's too easy to hate him
  8. America's Pastime
    Baseball and angels. Nuf said.
  9. So as I said, this movie is underrated and legendary.
    It deserves a cult following.