My blog turns 10 years old this fall (I've been writing columns for closer to 12). So I'm running a survey of readers' faves and offering to take one of them to dinner.
  1. One of my super-romantic ones.
  2. A Conversation:
    A possible future evening with the girl.
  3. I was so heartbroken.
  4. The First Column:
    I had no idea how awesome my life would become.
  5. An early one, when I was just starting to hit my stride.
  6. A short story about our Japan trip and the loveliness of traveling with Simone. (Related: and
  7. Akiva the Mighty:
    The story of the coolest cat, ever. #tears
  8. The first of many romantic Valentine's Day posts. See also:
  9. A retrospective on Simone's 13th birthday. (And on her 7th: