I'm in the Bay Area every couple of months or so, but tomorrow's is a short trip, with family obligations. Still. Some things are essential.
  1. Lunch with @gabimoskowitz
    I'm sure she'll pick someplace tasty, and we have lots to talk about!
  2. Visits to Vik's and Bowl'd in Berkeley
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    Staying with my sister in Albany, so that also means...
  3. Cocktails at Hotsy Totsy
    Love that place!
  4. Meet up with my boy Eli
    He moved to SF (http://bit.ly/1EfBCPT) to open his brother-in-law's highly anticipated farm-to-table Chinese restaurant. Coming late summer (http://bit.ly/1DkR6OA)
  5. Catch up with @ChristopherFSmith
    One of my best friends of ALL TIME. Cool-seeker, film producer, humble genius.
  6. Play with my baby niece.
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    She was born on my birthday! And I'm her favorite uncle.
  7. Go see my pals at Benjamin Cooper.
    Remember Big? Awesome tiny bar near Union Square? This is Mo (http://bit.ly/1Gl2n81) and the gang's latest project. Love those dudes.
  8. Get a pedi with my sisters.
    It's a family thing.
  9. Birthday dinner and a comedy show
    Somewhere in the city. No idea where. Brother-in-law didn't ask me for a reco. Hoping for the best.
  10. Straits
    So much spicy goodness.
  11. UberX from the Albany to SFO
    8am flight to Seattle. Not putting any family members through that drive on a Sunday morning.
  12. Miss out on seeing people and eating at places I love.
    But I'll be back soon.