Who would have turned 70, yesterday.
  1. I learned to be affectionate from him.
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    The warmest hugs, the heartiest laugh, and he always smelled good.
  2. He was a problem-solver.
    He always had an alternative solution or a different perspective. Maddening and lifesaving. http://bit.ly/1UxaTEN
  3. He loved the finer experiences in life.
    And taught us to love them, too. We didn't always have money, but Dad showed us that experiences were more valuable than things.
  4. As he became more and more sick, he also became sweeter.
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    The bravado that made him so charismatic mellowed, but his sweetness remained and was highlighted.
  5. He loved his grandchildren fiercely.
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    We all knew he'd be an awesome Zaide, and I'm happy that Simone and the older cousins got to know him as a bluff, adoring grandfather, before things went sideways.
  6. I channel him often.
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    Usually, it's a "What would Dad do?" situation. How he would respond to something or fix a difficult problem. Sometimes, it's more of a conscious decision to NOT be like him in a certain situation.
  7. I miss him, but I also feel like he's still around.
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    His energy didn't dissipate. He's there when I eat something delicious, or give Simone advice. He's at our family gatherings. He visits me in my dreams, all smiles and hugs.