Anybody who follows me on Instagram knows I love to eat. But I hate being called a "foodie." It connotes a snobby prickishness that doesn't reflect my joy in the act of taking big bites out of life.
  1. Eater
    It's a little too primal, but I like that an "eater" can love a greasy diner breakfast as much as a well-constructed duck confit. But I hate when people say, "Well, everyone is an eater. Everyone has to eat."
  2. Epicurean
    Says it all in so many ways, but is decidedly fussy. And you sound so pretentious when you describe yourself as one.
  3. Food-lover
  4. Skinny-Fatty
    One of my single mom friends can eat like I do, and she refers to herself this way. Seems so wrong, but it's a nice answer when people ask how I can eat this way and not be 400 pounds.
  5. Gourmand
    Blech. Plus, the French connotation is akin to "glutton." Boo.