One of the reasons I'm so excited to be heading back to the Bay is to meet fellow listers! Who's in? @donnie @eatthelove @ChristopherFSmith @Mel @ohheymary @seantimberlake @abbyzeecee @white_lightning @molliekatzen @ariannastern @aminatou
  1. July 25 or 26?
    I'm driving back Saturday morning and will be in town until the 28th (so if this doesn't work out, I hope some of you are still free to cross paths!).
  2. Daytime or evening?
    Brunch? Happy hour? Something else?
  3. SF or East Bay?
    Not sure if I'm airbnbing it in Berkeley or staying with a friend of a friend in SF. So I'm good either way!
  4. Location?
    Westbrae Beer Garden? Benjamin Cooper? The Alembic? Revival? Hotsy Totsy? Trick Dog? Someplace else?
  5. Sad that @gabimoskowitz and @evan will be out of town.
    Also, @karenelkinscohen will be busy with Tante Camp, which @alien is looking forward to!
  6. Who else is around?